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American Apparel Sued For Rocking with Their Socks Out


How about this for an opening about the founder of American Apparel in today’s New York Post? “Dov Charney walks around his office in his underwear, sleeps with employees, and calls women bitches, sluts, whores and the c-word – and that’s the stuff he admits to.”

We’ve all heard rumors that Charney is an ass and it’s all coming out before a civil trial that begins here in Los Angeles tomorrow between former employee Mary Nelson, a sales manager who began in November 2003, and the clothing founder. The specific claim? Charney had a meeting with her wearing only a cock sock, invited her to masturbate and fired her when she said she would be talking to a lawyer.

In a deposition, Charney “absolutely” admits to calling women “sluts” and the female genitalia c-word, because, you know, it’s “endearing.” “There is no evidence to say that you can’t walk around in your underwear all day anywhere in the United States of America,” he testified.

Said Fink: “She felt uncomfortable from the get-go,” a feeling that deepened when she and a colleague went for a business meeting at Charney’s house and he stripped down to show off the sock on his privates.

Charney said that he couldn’t remember the incident but that it was possible he was trying to show them new merchandise.

Nelson says she was fired after complaining about outrageous sexual shenanigans by company employees at trade shows and then consulting with a lawyer. [New York Post]

American Apparel calls the suit “outrageous and false,” in a statement obtained by the New York Post. It continues to explain that the “facts are these: Mr. Charney never harassed Ms. Nelson. Mr. Charney never propositioned Ms. Nelson. The only time he was in his undergarments was for strictly professional reasons… We are glad this frivolous case will be soon behind us.”

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